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About Us

A person holding a kiteDescription automatically generatedEarl Marshall grew up in central CA farmland in the 1970’s, back when everyone in his town had rifle racks in their truck windows. That was completely normal in those days. In the early 1990's after graduating from Police Academy, he began hand loading his own ammunition out of a desire for better performing and more accurate loads. He was looking for a certain "feel" to the ammo he shot, and would endlessly test and tune handgun ammo for a certain recoil profile as well as velocity and accuracy characteristics.  

Nearly 30 years of loading experience for himself and others in his close circle would eventually lead to the dream of Marshall Munitions, where that same hand-crafted quality could be made available to others and where he could spend his life doing what he loved most. In late 2019 after a long day of shooting and ammo making with a close friend, that dream finally began to transform into an actual plan.

Earl and his freshly recruited business partner found themselves disappointed by all of the fancy sounding yet very confusing naming conventions and packaging choices of existing factory ammunition.  So much of the ammo on store shelves is imported from all over the world, and quality levels vary greatly not only from brand to brand, but even within the same brands. They both felt it could be done better.  Their belief was and is that when you went into a store looking for ammunition, it should be easy to find just what you need for your intended use, and that it should be excellent in both quality and value.  

Marshall Munitions is based on the principle of purpose-built ammunition, made to do exactly what it should without compromises for cost or speed or ease of manufacturing. The company believes in the highest possible quality, and in all American sourcing and manufacturing.   No matter if you are looking to hunt a trophy buck, shoot paper or steel targets, train or prepare to defend yourself or your home, or just have some fun at the local range, Marshall Munitions makes ammunition perfectly suited for your application.

Our manufacturing facility opened in 2020 in Colfax, WA. After navigating the perils of starting a company in the middle of pandemic and supply chain crunch, we have since added a factory retail store in El Dorado Hills, CA and are now growing our network of high quality and high service retailers in the western states. If you have tired our ammo, we hope that you will agree that it is some of the finest available, and that we as a company stand behind it proudly.

We strive for your complete satisfaction and beyond. It is not enough for us that you try our product, or think it's "ok". We want you to love it. Our goal is create dedicated fans of our work. If you have any thoughts, questions, or comments about our ammo or our service, please feel free to drop us a line! We'd love to hear from you!

Marshall Munitions is a veteran owned small business, and we proudly support law enforcement agencies, veteran groups, and numerous shooting sports and 2nd amendment advocacy organizations.

100 yd 7mm-08 3 shot group


Our humble Colfax, WA storefront. A literal "brick & mortar"