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.38 Special Range Practice 125g

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When you head out to the range to improve your skills, it's important that the limiting factor in your performance is YOU, not your ammunition.

Marshall Munitions purpose designed RANGE PRACTICE line is engineered to be supremely reliable and highly consistent, so that shot after shot you can trust the results are exactly where you were aiming.

These rounds are designed to be light in recoil for comfortable shooting all day, allowing you to focus on mechanics and your shooting inputs with reduced recoil induced flinching that effects your accuracy. All Marshall Munitions RANGE PRACTICE ammunition is manufactured in our Colfax, WA facility with 100% high quality USA made components. Our clean-burning low smoke powder and TMJ total metal jacket bullets that completely encase the lead center combine to make the cleanest burning ammunition you can buy to reduce your expose to lead which is an advantage when you are practicing with a high volume of rounds.

We believe these to be the finest handgun rounds you can buy anywhere, at any price, yet we have worked hard to keep them very affordable. Every single Marshall Munitions round is precision loaded, laser powder and primer checked, and hand inspected for chamber fit and defects to ensure that shot after shot, your results are consistent.  Try one box of these and you will have found your (and your gun's) new favorite practice round.

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