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Increase Your Rifles Accuracy!

If you shoot factory ammo, your bolt action rifle is likely hiding untapped potential for increased accuracy.  Individual chambers and barrels have harmonic properties that vibrate and oscillate when fired.  This oscillation causes micro deviations in your bullets path when it leaves the barrel. This can be corrected by “timing” the bullet to the barrel, which is done by adjusting the speed of the bullet by varying the powder volume and burn rate.

This is normally an advantage available only to those who have the skills, knowledge, and equipment to reload their own ammo, but if you don't have those things, then you have no way of achieving this.  

This is where our Custom Shop Accuracy Kit comes into play!

Here's how it works:


We do the work for you! Our custom accuracy kit contains 50 rounds arranged in 10 groups of 5.  Each group of 5 rounds has been custom loaded to very specific charge weights, with each group being incrementally faster than the previous one. It also comes with a specially configured measuring target, and specific instructions for use.

You will shoot the10 separate groups of 5 shots each at a different 1" target, and then measure the spread of your groups.** One group will likely present itself as superior to the others. Congratulations, you just found your rifles favorite custom load!  You can then order that load directly from Marshall Munitions. (*Minimum order will apply.) 

Once you have found your custom round, believe us, you’ll never want to shoot anything else from your rifle! This can't be achieved any other way outside of hand loading your own rounds, and this can't be done with regular factory ammo. Of course you could buy a box of every ammo on the market and shoot many hundreds of rounds, but you will never know the charge weight or differences of those loads.

**Using a chronograph during this process is recommended, though not strictly necessary. 


Currently available in the following calibers, with more planned for launch later this year:

6.5 Creedmoor - 147g  - ELDM

.308 Winchester - 178g - ELDX


Coming Soon:

Additional calibers, bullet and weight choices.

.243 Winchester

.270 Winchester

7mm-08 Remington


Call us at 888-796-AMMO to discuss your specific need, or order our pre configured testing kit!

Includes 50 rounds of custom made Match grade ammo in a custom marked reusable ammo box, A special 10 group measuring target, a recording sheet for logging the results, phone support from Marshall Munitions (if needed) and the permanent and invaluable increase of your rifles accuracy.