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Hollow points are the choice for self defense or duty carry applications. But those high performance rounds are expensive, and not practical for high volume practice shooting. Yet, they are often hotter than practice rounds, and develop more recoil than typical range practice rounds. When you are training for when it counts, you want an ammunition that feels and behaves exactly like your real world defensive round. Marshall PRECISION TRAINING rounds are specially designed to feel and perform identically to our PRECISION DEFENSE rounds. These high-quality FMJ rounds are suitable for target training and action pistol purposes and are an economical alternative to hollow point defensive bullets.

Our rounds are not simply loaded with the same bullet weight and powder charge like training ammunition from other manufacturers nor are they loaded to the same velocity. Simply matching up these two criteria will not replicate the same feel and recoil, because the bullets are so different. A hollow point will sit much deeper in the case than a flat nose bullet, decreasing headroom, while increasing pressure and recoil.

Designing our PRECISION TRAINING rounds to replicate the recoil energy and feel of our PRECISION DEFENSE rounds requires rigorous testing and development. To our knowledge, we are the only ammunition manufacturer that take this approach to the design of their training ammunition. True preparedness for real-life conflict demands training as realistically as possible. By practicing with Marshall PRECISION TRAINING and carrying Marshall PRECISION DEFENSE, you can be confident that you've done just that.

ROUND 2: PRECISION DEFENSE - Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP)

When it comes to your personal self defense you need a round you can trust. This .9mm defense round is made using the best in class Sig V Crown hollow point bullet, and has been designed to closely match the criteria outlined in the FBI's own testing protocols. It has been optimized to offer the ideal combination of velocity and power to ensure the maximum performance of its hollow point projectile in defensive applications. When you want the absolute best handgun ammunition you can get, trust Marshall Small Batch PRECISION DEFENSE.

Our rounds use only the highest grade premium components made in the USA, and are assembled in small batches by expert ammunition craftsman. These aren't the rounds produced on massive factory lines designed to see how fast they can make them, these are produced more slowly and carefully, inspected every step along the way to ensure only the very best rounds make it into your box of PRECISION DEFENSE.