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Small Batch Ammunition Crafted to the Highest Standards

At Marshall Munitions we manufacture new premium quality ammunition in smaller batches with a higher attention to detail.

We use 100% premium American made and sourced components of match quality in every product we make. We manufacture using the industry’s latest high precision commercial loading equipment combined with a meticulous 100% hand inspection process, so that every single round is checked and rechecked for defects, chamber fit, and exact overall length to ensure perfect feeding and chambering, as well as ultra-reliable firing. You simply can't buy better ammo anywhere. Period. 

Our Ammo is purpose built, so whether you are hunting for a trophy buck, competing in a match, buying ammo for self defense reasons, or just getting some practice at the range, Marshall has you covered with rounds custom engineered for the exact purpose you need, at a price you can afford.

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