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Marshall Munitions was founded on the belief that high performance shooting demands highest quality ammunition. Every round of our purpose-built ammunition is meticulously crafted and quality checked by human hands. We are dedicated to the continuous innovation of our products and the education of our shooters in their use.

Range Range Practice When you head out to the range to improve your skills, it's important that the limiting factor in your performance is YOU, not your ammunition. Marshall Munitions purpose designed RANGE... Learn More
Range Precision Training Hollow points are the choice for self defense and duty carry applications. But those high performance rounds are expensive, and not practical for high volume practice shooting. Yet, they... Learn More
Range Precision Defense When it comes to your personal self defense you need a round you can trust. This defense round is made using the best in class Crown hollow point bullet, and... Learn More
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The Marshall Story

Learn More Steel target shot at 850 yards using 7mm-08

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